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Meet Marvin Junior

Marvin Junior

The latest addition to Pubbet’s line puppets is Marvin Junior. Marvin Junior is slightly smaller than their previous puppets, but he still has lots of character. The puppet features poseable fingers and elastic finger grips on the inside of his mouth for better control during performances. Marvin Junior is dressed in a removable tweed jacket, slacks, and black shoes.

Each Marvin Junior comes with an arm rod, carry bag, and spare eye pupils. All puppets are very durable.

Marvin Junior could be an excellent starter puppet for someone who is thinking about pursuing puppetry, or an addition to an existing collection.

He is currently available for purchase for the introductory price of $74.95, plus free shipping.

Purchase a Marvin Junior today or learn more at

Puppet Affairs is an affiliated seller of Pubbets. Purchases made through the inks shown help to support the website.


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