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New Outfits Announced for Pubbet’s Lab

Pubbets announced this weekend via their Facebook page that they are adding three new outfits and hair pieces to the list of options that are offered by their Pubbets Lab tool on their website.

The outfits will be:

  • Blue Crown polo with blue pants and blue sneakers
  • White crown polo with blue pants & white sneakers
  • Rainbow T-shirt with blue pants and red sneakers

The hair pieces will be a short fur in a side part, and come in the colors of pink, blue, grey, black, brown and white.

The Pubbets Lab is an innovative tool on their website which allows customers to build their own puppet by choosing different aspects, such as body color, nose shapes, eye color, hair style, and clothing. Give it a try here.

Puppet Affairs is an affiliated seller of Pubbets. Purchases made through the inks shown help to support the website.


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