Puppet Showcase is almost here!

I have to admit, I’m getting pretty excited for February 14th, when we will be able to share a lot of great puppet videos with the world! The submission of video summaries have begun to slowly come via the online form. I am in the process of taking the information submitted, and then turning them into descriptions of each video which will go live at midnight on February 14th. If you haven’t submitted your summary, don’t worry because while the deadline was today (February 12) I’m accepting submissions for the next day or so.

I would also like to make one slight modifications to the structure of the Puppet Showcase. When I originally announced the showcase, I was going for a kind of “Puppet Video Challenge” kind of feel, leading me to set a very ambitious timetable for signing up for the showcase, producing our videos, and then submitting them before they went live. I’ll even admit that I didn’t get my video completed until yesterday, nearly one day before the deadline. Had anything unexpected come up, I would have lost my chance to produce a video. So, I understand if maybe it would have helped to build some leeway into the process for entering videos.

So, instead of being a one-day showcase, I’ve decided to expand it to five days. So, don’t sweat it if you can’t get your video submitted by tonight, or even by the 14th. If you need the extra time, you can submit your entry anytime between now and February 18th, and I’ll still post your description. Because, the list of videos isn’t coming down after February 14, and probably will stay up past the end of February. So, we have plenty of time to share videos.

If you have concerns or questions, just reach out to me at

For those who have submitted their videos to the playlist, remember that you will want to set your videos to go live on YouTube at midnight on Tuesday. I am planning on scheduling the playlist tomorrow night to go live at midnight, so the hyperlinks will be included but won’t point to anything until everything goes live on Tuesday.

One last request. If you have already submitted your video description, please send me an image that I can use as a thumbnail for the entry on the website. You can email it to the email address given above, or post it in the Discord community.


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