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Welcome to the Puppet Showcase

It was about a month ago when I first began to ask puppeteers to accept what seemed at the time to be a daunting challenge: produce, over the next few weeks, a video featuring their puppet characters. I’ve been delighted to see how many people have since accepted that challenge and submitted videos as a part of what I’ve called a Puppet Showcase. The videos aren’t judged, and there aren’t any prizes or ribbons to be won. These videos exist simply because someone, or a group of people, had a story they wanted to tell.

The theme of the Showcase is “Love is in the Air.” The videos in this collection share different viewpoints of Valentine’s Day, relationships, and love.
I hope that you enjoy this collection of videos. As this Showcase has been expanded to five days, I hope to add more videos to the list as they are submitted, so be sure to watch this event and keep checking this link:


Jon Morgan


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